About Us

Welcome to the Throne!

I'm Stephanie Prewitt, better known as Queen P.  I love creating unique earrings.  I am based in Madison, Wisconsin with strong Detroit roots.

My family is everything. My husband Dionte, children Demetria & Origin, & our dog Biscuit.  I am obsessed with tea, coach purses, and Mickey Mouse.  My guilty pleasure is watching the lifetime movie network.  I am no fashionista, but I love stylish earrings that make strong statements.

I started "Queen P's Throne" after working with distributers last year.  That sparked a passion inside of me that I didn't know was there.  So now I design laser-cut earrings and hand paint them myself.

As I grow, I plan to expand and offer more variety.  Join me on the journey to make Queen P's Throne the right place for your earrings!